Jewellery Care


Your special trinkets does need some love, but if you look after your jewellery and follow some basic guidelines your jewellery can shine and bring you joy longer. Treat it with care - avoid chemicals, sun cream, body lotion, perfume and hair spray directly on your pieces as this may cause discolour. Also avoid swimming, exercising and showering with your jewellery.

Always store your jewellery individually in pouches or boxes to avoid scratching and rubbing. Sealed plastic bags are good for keeping air out and avoid oxidation when stored. Check your jewellery regularly for wear and tear to avoid any further damage.

Silver and Gold plated Silver can tarnish when not worn as our natural body oils keeps it from oxidising, to remove use a silver dip or a non abrasive silver polish cloth. Pieces with semi precious stones stay looking prettier for longer for if they stay away from water and damp conditions, so avoid showering and storing in your bathroom.


Sterling Silver: All out pieces are made in 925 Sterling Silver. Silver is very durable but can tarnish over time if not worn. The oils in our skin prevents it from oxidising, so if you are not wearing them we recommend that you store the jewellery in sealed plastic bags. Should they tarnish we recommend using a gentle silver cloth or dip to restore its appearance. 

Gold Plated: We plate our silver pieces with 3 micron of 24k gold. Gold plating is a surface finish and can be susceptible to wear but if looked after correctly patina should only occur over a long period of time. We also offer a gold re-plating service if required. Gold plated jewellery can also tarnish like silver, follow instructions above to remove.