The idea of VOYAGE came through a desire to put to use and upcycle things I have been collecting on my travels for the last 20 years. Beads, charms and little findings would come together into current designs, I wanted to share my collection with you! I also wanted any additional beads that had to be bought to meet demands to be vintage and not new.
The style would be eclectic, fun and not be wasteful - and the designs would be based on journeys I’ve made to India, Marocco, Peru, Cambodia, Africa but also Paris, New York and Copenhagen. The things I’ve seen along the way the always inspire me; vintage pottery and fabrics, quilts, art, tribal and antique jewellery.
All these are things and places that has inspired me along the way, and the mood boards are always fun to put together to give me focus on what I want to do;
Pretty - Wearable - Sustainable.
We love the playful result, and we hope you do too!
Marte x