I have long been a huge admirer of Hilma af Klints work. In art I am normally drawn to colours and shapes, and af Klints art is filled by them. Her bold works was a big inspiration for the Organica collection and generally her approach to art and spirituality is so fascinating. She was so ahead of her time and when she started painting abstract in 1906 it was mostly unseen - she believed that the world wasn't ready for her work and when she died she stipulated that her works should not be shown for twenty years after her death. Luckily we are able to see her amazing work now, go and see the show if you can - you won't regret it!

Last week I was so lucky to be able to see an amazing exhibition of her work at the Guggenheim Museum in NY, and it was incredible to see so many of her works so beautifully curated in such a fantastic space. 




Marte xo